Natsumi Watanabe


Name: Natsumi Watanabe 渡辺 夏美
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6" / 167.7 cm / Medium
Weight: 133 lbs / 60.3 kg / WC 4

Level 6; XP 0
Archetype: “The Caretaker”
Primary Class: Medic
Secondary Class: Scientist

“You restore tired Pokémon to full health.”
Rank Up: Medicine
Rank Down: Nothing

Body: Average (0)
Mind: Great (3)
Spirit: Good (2)

Combat Stats
HP: 15
Attack: 5
Defense: 10
Sp Atk: 5
Sp Def: 10
Speed: 5

Overland: 6
Swim: 3
High Jump: 0
Long Jump: 1
Power: 4
Throwing: 6

Trained Skills
Athletics: 2d6+2
General Education: 3d6+3
Medicine Education: 5d6+3
Pokémon Education: 3d6+3
Perception: 3d6+3
Command: 3d6+2

Off Hand: Light Shield
A Shield is an Off-Hand defensive item held in one hand or braced to an arm. Light Shields grant +2 Evasion. They may be readied as a Standard Action to instead grant +4 Evasion and 10 Damage Reduction until the end of your next turn, but also cause you to become Slowed for that duration. If used Two-Handed, light shields can also function as a Small Melee Weapon. (DB 5, AC 4)
Feet: Running Shoes
Running Shoes grant a +2 bonus to Athletics Checks, and increase your Overland Speed by +1.

Derived Stats
Max HP: 67
Physical Evasion: 4
Physical DR: 10
Special Evasion: 4
Special DR: 10
Speed Evasion: 3
Initiative: 5
Action Points: 6

Type: Normal
Frequency: At-Will
AC: 4
Damage Base 4: 1d8+6 / 11
Class: Physical
Range: Melee, 1 Target
Light Shield
Type: Normal
Frequency: At-Will
AC: 4
Damage Base 5: 1d8+8 / 13
Class: Physical
Range: Melee, 1 Target

Crafting Edges
Repel Crafter
Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
Effect: Create a Repel for $100 or a Super Repel for $150. Requires access to a Chemistry Set.

Other Edges
Medic Training
Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
Effect: When you use Restorative Items on others, they do not forfeit their next turn.

General Features
First Aid
Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
Drain 1 AP – Extended Action
Target: Pokémon or Trainers
Effect: Make a Medicine Education Check. The target gains Hit Points equal to the result, and is cured of Burn, Poison, and Paralysis. Requires a First Aid Kit.

Medic Features
Prerequisites: First Aid
Special – Standard Action
Target: An adjacent Pokémon or Trainer
Choose One Effect: Spend 1 AP to cure the target of Burn, Paralysis, or Poison; or Drain 1 AP to make a Medicine Education Check, and restore Hit Points to the target equal to the result doubled. You must have a First Aid Kit to use this Feature.
Healer’s Touch
Prerequisites: Medic
Effect: Whenever you use Stay With Us! or a Non-Repulsive Restorative Item, the target gains Hit Points equal to your Medicine Education Rank, and they may immediately make a Save Roll against Sleep, Confuse, Rage, or Infatuation.
Field Medic
Prerequisites: Medic, Medic Training
Effect: You may apply Restorative Items to an adjacent target as a Swift Action after taking a Sprint Action. When helping Trainers or Pokémon “Take a Breather”, you may roll Medicine Education in the place of Command and do not become Tripped or lose your Evasion as a result of helping them.

Scientist Features and Talents
[Class] [Branch]
Prerequisites: Repel Crafter
Effect: You gain a Rank 1 Scientist Talent.
Restorative Science
Rank 1
Prerequisites: None
Cost: $150
Effect: You create an Antidote, Paralyze Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, or Potion.

Rainbow Badge
Trainer Essentials
Basic Balls x2
Travel Gear
First Aid Kit
Repel x2
Super Repel
Restorative Items
Potion x5
Paralyze Heal
Burn Heal
Ice Heal
Revive x2
Bandages x3
Crafting Kits
Chemistry Set
Light Shield
Running Shoes


Natsumi was born and raised in Vermillion City by an upper middle class family consisting of her, her two parents, and her bookworm older brother. She attended a prestigious high school and received passing grades, which allowed her to enroll at a medical school in Celadon City. Though she had struggled throughout high school, Watanabe had a much easier time with college and even found enough free time to regularly train at Celadon Gym, where she eventually earned a Rainbow Badge. Well before graduation, she lined up a job opportunity at a small clinic, but this plan fell through unexpectedly, leaving her a licensed doctor with no practice.
A friend who works at Celadon’s premier department store put Natsumi in touch with Will Hayes, a doctor (and surprisingly, deputized Ranger) from Unova. While on her way to meet him, Natsumi ran into a woman named Michiko who was vomiting black sludge and a strange man named Mara who helped guide an ambulance to Michiko’s location (while Watanabe provided medical attention). When the ambulance arrived, Dr. Hayes stepped out of the passenger’s seat, and the EMTs took Michiko back to South Celadon Pokémon Center.
Unfortunately, Michiko’s condition had worsened by the time the doctors and Mara caught up with the ambulance. Once in an isolation unit, it was discovered that the problem wasn’t a small amount of poison in Michiko’s system but rather entire Grimer composed of unnatural black slime. Security would only let in trained medical personnel (and only after a heated argument), so Hayes and Watanabe entered the room alone and subdued the Grimer with the help of Lydie and Akiko, their partner Pokémon. Michiko recovered thanks to the Medics’ care and was assigned to a physician with a permanent position at the Center, leaving Natsumi, Will, and Mara alone to talk through what had just transpired.

Natsumi Watanabe

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